Thanks Cylch Cino Aber

Cylch Cino Aberystwyth (which is one of the Welsh language lunch clubs in Aberystwyth) have kindly donated a cheque of £100 to the town’s St David’s Day Parade. The cheque was presented to Dr Richard Edwards and Dana Edwards (the Parêd’s Treasurer and Secretary) at a recent evening organised by the Cylch Cinio in the town’s Richmond Hotel.

Gwynfor Williams, o'r Cylch Cinio, Dana a Dr Richard Edwards

Gwynfor Williams, o’r Cylch Cinio, Dana a Dr Richard Edwards o’r Parêd

The cheque was presented by Gwynfor Williams of the Cylch Cinio. Members of the Cylch Cinio were a great help to the Parêd in 2014 as they help staff and organise the marshaling of the procession. A dozen of the Cylch’s members gave of their time to help make the Parade a safe and successful event for the whole family.

Gwynfor said, “The Cylch Cinio is a Welsh language society for men in the Aberystwyth area. We meet monthly for a meal and organise an interesting calendar of speakers and events. The members thought it was important to support an event like the Parêd which celebrates the Welsh language here in Aberystwyth and also helps bring people together and add to the vibrancy of the town.”

Dr Richard Edwards thanked the Cylch for their generous gift.

“Parêd Gwyl Dewi is dependant on the support and generosity of societies and businesses in Aberystwyth. Our aim is to strengthen the Welsh language in the town and also bring people together. Receiving a cheque of £100 from the Cylch is a great sign of strength and support both for the Parade and for the Welsh language here in Aberystwyth as we celebrate our patron saint and Welsh language and culture.”


Gadael Ymateb

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