2016 Parade Schedule

There will be a host events on the day of the Parade on Saturday 5 March and leading up to it.

Ceredigion: wrth fy Nhraed / At my Feet by Iestyn Hughes – stunning photos of the county. Launch at the National Library Tuesday 2 March.

The Welsh Dragon: the Story of the Welsh Flag, Siôn Jobbins, launch at Bar Wiff-Waff, 7.30 Friday 4th.


Friday 4/3/16

Welsh rapper and international beat-boxer, Ed Holden (aka ‘Mr Phormula’) will be giving rapping and beatboxing lessons in Welsh at Ysgol Penweddig in the morning and Ysgol Penglais in the afternoon. There’ll also be a free, open  session at the Old College on Saturday morning and Ed will perform at the Ceremony on Llys y Brenin.

Saturday 5/3/16

There’ll be free live music on Sgwâr Owain Glyndwr in the centre of Aberystwyth on Saturday morning:

10.30am – piper and guitarist, Gwilym Bowen Rhys

11.15am – Cambria Drum Band

11.45am – Raffdam – young folk acoustic group

12.15pm – Dilwyn a Huw Banjo

12.30pm – Carwyn Fowler, professional harpist originally from Borth

Café MGs

10.30 – 12.30 – Carwyn Fower, also gives a free recital to accompany diners at the café during the morning.

Old College – FREE

Cered, Ceredigion’s Menter Iaith (language initiative group) are organising events and stalls at the Old College. The events are in Welsh but there’s a warm welcome to all, especially children.

10:00am – Song Writing Workshop – Mari Mathias (o Raffdam)

11:00am – Mask-making Workshop – Meinir Mathias

12:00am – Beatboxing Workshop – Ed Holden

2:00pm – Poetry Workshop – Aneirin Karadog

3:00pm – Ukelele Workshop – Ian Ferguson

4:00pm – Stensiland Graffiti workshop – Meinir Mathias

5:00pm – Dance Workshop – Coleg Ceredigion

Tafarn y Llew Du – FREE MUSIC

3.00pm – Gwilym Bowen Rhys

4.00pm – Folk Session – join in!

Book singings of Ar Drywydd Dewi, The Welsh Dragon: the story of the Welsh Flag, Ceredigion: wrth fy nhraed, at my feet throught the day in various book shops.

Sunday – 6/3/16   

10.00am – Religious service (in Welsh) at Morlan.



1.00pm Commence from Town Clock to Llys y Brenin. Pared led by Gwilym Bowen Rhys on the pipes followed by artist Mary Lloyd Jones who’s been chosen as Tywysydd (guide) for her services to Welsh culture. She will be accompanied by Daniel Thomas and Elliw Dafydd the prefects of Penweddig.

Recotr of St John’s Penrhyn-coch, Lyn Lewis Dafis, will say grace.  Aberystwyth Mayo, Cllr Endaf Edwards announce the winner of the Window Display competition and will introduce Mary Lloyd Jones. Author Gerald Morgan will also present his book on St David to Mary. After Mary’s short speech, the combined choirs of Aberystwyth will sing the popular folk song, Moliannwn accompanied by the Aberystwyth Silver Band. Raffdam will perform a song as will beatboxer, Mr Phormula. The ceremony will conclude with the Anthem.


Gadael Ymateb

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