The first Parade was held in 2013 for the purpose of celebrating the Welsh language and St David – Wales’s patron saint. The year is significant as it came fast on the results of the 2011 census which was disappointing for the Welsh language. A group of Aberystwyth residents decided to organise the Parêd so as to raise the spirits and profile of the Welsh language and celebrate that we are ‘yma o hyd’ – still here!

It was also felt that Wales and Welsh culture had been lacking in a tradition of public, colourful and musical manifestations of Welshness and that traditional St David’s Day events were subdued and introverted or academic.

Parêd Gwyl Dewi Aberystwyth is run by Executive Committe. The members of the exec are:

Chair – Siôn Jobbins

Secretary – Dana Edwards

Treasurer – Dr Richard Edwards

The Exec is answerable to the Parêd’s Council which includes members of various Welsh language organisations and clubs as well as individuals in Aberystwyth.

The organisers hope to see more St David’s Day parades held across Wales. In 2014 the first ever Parêd was held in Pwllheli and Caernarfon and in 2015 Bangor and Bethesda held their first ever events. There are also parades held in Cardiff and in Wrexham.

You can contact the Parêd through post@gwyldewiaber.cymru

Gadael Ymateb

Rhowch eich manylion isod neu cliciwch ar eicon i fewngofnodi:

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