Parade 2017 Route

Parêd Route

The 2017 Parêd will follow the same route as previous events.

It will commence at 1.00pm Saturday 4 March from the town clock, down Great Darkgate St, left onto Baker St, onto the bottom of Eastgate St and across to Llys y Brenin where the Ceremony will be held.

The Ceremony will include music, a short speech by the Mayor of Aberystwyth, the Tywysydd, Glan Davies and St David’s Grace by Derrick Adams of Eglwys Efengylaidd Aberystwyth. The whole event is expected to be over by 2.15.

We’re very grateful to Clwb Cinio Dynion Aberystwyth for their willingness to marshal the parade. They will steward every junction which leads onto the parade’s route and will be wearing hi-viz jackets. Some delay is to be expected as the Parêd makes its way through Aberystwyth.

The Parêd’s organisers, musicians, marshals and Tywysydd will meet at the Old College beforehand before making their way to the town clock by 12.30pm.

Route Map

NOTE – the parts of Terrace Rd and Bath St which run parallel to Llys y Brenin square, will be closed to traffic for the duration of the Ceremony, 1.20 – 2.15pm. Vehicles can follow alternative routes.

Blue – route of the Parade

Red – area of road closed off for duration of the Ceremony

Yellow and Green – alternative routes for vehicles

map llwybr 2016



The success of Parêd Gwyl Dewi Aberystwyth is dependent on kind financial grants and sponsorship. We are also very thankful to the strong spirit of cooperation and community offered by many clubs and institutions listed below. Together we are strong.

Merched y Wawr –
Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru –
Ysgol Penweddig –
Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth –
Mudiad Meithrin –
Cered –
Clwb Cinio Dynion Aberystwyth


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